December Investment Commentary

Post the Great Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008, the Federal Reserve in the United States was the first central bank to raise interest rates (see below). With the Bank of England forecast to be the second central bank to take action, the developed world is divided into two camps: those like the US and the … Read More

How financially fit are you?

The New Year isn’t just about getting physically fit, but financially fit too. Exercise more, eat healthily, spend less, start to invest. Do you have your goals for the year ready? Just as a gym membership can, keeping your finances on track can do wonders for your well-being. Below is a quick financial health check … Read More

6 signs you’re dealing with a robo-adviser

For most people, receiving financial advice when investing money is crucial. Robo-advice has been the buzz word this year within the finance industry; the new way to deliver investment advice. Quicker, less expensive, more inclusive. The positives of online advice are clear. Perhaps unsurprisingly, comparisons between robo-advice and face-to-face advice have been a hot topic … Read More

2015: An annual roundup

2015 has been an interesting year for financial services, and the economy overall. While not an exhaustive list, below are a few stories from the year. Pension freedom – perhaps the biggest impact on the UK financial landscape in 2015 was the introduction of the new ‘pension freedom’ rules. With faith placed in the hands … Read More

November market commentary

After the drama of August, September and the rebound in early October, markets were somewhat more subdued in November. Volatility, as measured by the VIX index (a widely used measurement of market risk, based on the S&P 500 stock market), has fallen steadily from its closing peak of over 40 in August to between 15 … Read More

The Autumn Statement and the Buy-to-let conundrum

The smart money goes where the best returns can be found. And with property prices and rental income on a seemingly continual rise of late, a lot of it has gone into the buy-to-let market. A second property has almost become the investment aim to aspire towards – but that looks set to change. A … Read More

Smart spending over Christmas

Yes, it’s that time of year again…the great excitement and craziness of Christmas. Lists upon lists of things to do, presents to buy, Christmas cards to write, turkeys to order, nights out to plan for. There’s so much to think about…it’s just one long round of planning, buying, wrapping, cooking, eating, drinking, and of course … Read More

October market commentary

After two months of struggling stock markets, October saw solid gains across all major equity markets, in fact the FTSE World Index was up 6.7% last month. This change in sentiment was driven by two factors. Firstly, the fact that interest rates in the United States will remain lower for longer, after the US Federal … Read More

Robo-advice isn’t just for millennials

‘Robo-advice’ is a good contender for the financial services buzz word of 2015. But, anyone who uses the term, seems to have a different interpretation of what it actually means. For some companies, it’s a word they don’t like to be associated with, while others are firmly flying the flag for robo-advice. While it may … Read More

Long term lessons from the stock market

It is a commonly known fact that investing carries risk. And in exchange for accepting the risk that your investments might lose money, they have the potential to go up in value too. That’s the trade-off. Rises and falls are an inherent part of stock market investing. How much your portfolio goes up and down … Read More

Investment risk: Investment in the stock market is not a suitable place for short term money and you may not get back what you put in. All investment carries risk and it is important you understand this, if you are in any doubt about whether an investment is suitable for you, please contact us. Investment in the stock market and any income derived from it, may go down as well as up.

Wealth Horizon certainly lives up to its promise of making investment simple to understand

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